Which Anti-Wrinkle Treatment is Right For You?

Best Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Services in Australia

Which Anti-Wrinkle Treatment is Right For You?

As our skin ages, wrinkles become the order of the day. Managing them can be tough when proper treatments are not administered at the right time. Whereas creams and lotions are available for the cosmetic management of wrinkles, their impacts are limited. Anti-wrinkle injections are perhaps the best-suited solution for managing these unwanted clefts and folds that appear on the skin. 

Anti-wrinkle injection treatment comes under the category of cosmetic injectables. 

What therefore are Cosmetic Injectables? 

These are nonsurgical treatments that are minimally invasive and are aimed at resolving aesthetic concerns. Common problems managed by these injections include fine lines, wrinkles, thin lips, weak facial structure, and so on. Popular types of injectables include dermal fillers and neuromodulators. 

What are fillers and how do they work?


These are injectables that work directly on the muscles and nerves of the face for reducing age-related transformations that occur. They also prevent fresh wrinkles from reappearing. It is considered to be an effective treatment for addressing wrinkles and fine lines because it targets the most common source of both. 

It is commonly believed that the signs of aging are often exacerbated by spontaneous facial movements like smiling and frowning. With neuromodulator injections, the facial nerves and muscles are temporarily subdued. This limits facial movements. Some of the benefits provided by neuromodulators include:

>> It ensures tightness of the skin.

>> Fine lines around the eyes are reduced. 

>> Wrinkles around the mouth are visibly reduced. 

>> Other associated age-related changes can be managed better. 

The most popular neuromodulator injections include Dusport and Botox. No such injection should be administered without consulting a cosmetic surgeon. 

What is a Neuromodulator?

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are typically used for face enhancement and for age related shrinking of the face. They work by adding a solution made from hyaluronic acid right under the skin for enhancing the production of collagen. When hyaluronic acid combines with enhanced collagen, it adds fullness to the face and accentuates facial features. As we age, our face shrinks due to the depleting levels of hyaluronic acid in our skin. The additional pumping of chemicals can bring about a fullness to the face. Other benefits of dermal fillers include

Restylane Dermal Fillers – The Dynamic Duo of Facial Rejuvenation

>> Increased fullness can be imparted under the eyes. 

>> The cheeks appear fuller and more youthful.

>> The cheekbones appear more prominent. 

>> There is enhanced collagen production. 

Anti-wrinkle injection types should be chosen wisely. Side effects and contraindications should be considered before making a choice. The advice of a cosmetic surgeon should be considered paramount.

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