• Cancellation Policy

For all appointments (whether made online or through a clinic), we require at least 48 hours’ notice for cancellation or change in appointment date/time. In the case where prescribed or special treatment has been ordered specifically for you such as intravenous infusions, the full cost of treatment will be charged with notice less than 2 weeks due to the preparation time of the
ingredients if the rescheduling of appointment is not possible within 48 hours of the initial date of treatment.

For all other appointments, if you cancel or change your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice, we reserve the right to charge a ‘Cancellation Fee’ meaning, we will retain 50% of the full treatment cost of your appointment.
If you do not attend your appointment, we reserve the right to charge a ‘’Did Not Attend Fee” meaning, we will either retain the full amount of your deposit (if a deposit has been collected from you) or the full treatment cost of your appointment.

  • Refund & Return Policy

Generally, we do not offer any refund for ‘change of mind’. Our Refunds and Returns policy are in addition to your statutory rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

We may also use our discretion and provide a refund if we believe the treatments purchased by you, cannot be provided to you as determined by our healthcare professionals (e.g., your skin type might be deemed as unsuitable for the treatment you purchased).

We reserve the right not to offer an exchange or refund where the product fault is a result of misuse or neglect.

If you pre-pay in advance for a ‘Package’ (a number of treatments), refunds for whole Packages will not be provided unless required in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.

Our procedures and products may not be suitable for you and whilst all due care and skill is exercised in treating our clients ultimately it is your responsibility to determine if the product or treatment is right for you.

In order for us to provide you with a great service it is fundamental that you provide all information requested in completing consent forms or advising us of any factors that may affect your treatment.

You also need to have realistic expectations of the results of treatment. We encourage you to work with your therapist or health professional on what you can achieve with your treatment.

  • Transfer Policy

Once booked (whether online or made at a clinic), treatments/services cannot be transferred to other Clinic locations or to other individuals, this includes pre-paid treatments.

Pre-paid treatments for specific treatment areas cannot be transferred to other treatment areas.

  • Pre-paid Treatments

If you pre-pay for treatments you will save an amount according to the pre-payment schedule.

Pre-paid treatments have a 12-month expiry date from the date of purchase (less than 10 treatments) or an 18-month expiry date from the date of purchase (10 or more treatments).

  • Suspending Pre-paid Treatment Packages

At our discretion, suspending pre-paid treatment packages may be available due to unforeseen circumstances.

For certain medical conditions, pre-paid treatment packages can be suspended for up to 12 months. Suspending pre-paid treatment packages is limited to 1 time per prepaid treatment package. Supporting documentation may be required in order for us to consider your request for suspension of your pre-paid treatment package.

The time left for the expiry of your pre-paid treatment package (at the time of suspension) will remain the same and will be reinstated once you re-initiate your pre-paid treatment package with us.

  • Credit Card surcharge

For your convenience, we accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and EFTPOS payments.

International credit cards are NOT accepted.

Please note that when selecting debit or credit card as payment, a surcharge fee
applies. There is no surcharge fees when using cash payment method